Types of Gravel for Driveways

A gravel driveway is a fantastic choice for the front of any property. Combining texture, contrast and colour, gravel driveways are extremely popular with homeowners around the world, from stately homes to semi-detached suburban properties. However, there’s more than one type of gravel driveway, and choosing the right type can be difficult – that’s why […]

The Benefits of Permeable Driveway Pavers

So, you’ve made the decision to install a new driveway. Next, you need to choose which materials to use for its surface.  And there is plenty to consider. One great option is permeable pavers. The key element of permeable materials is that they allow water to be absorbed, rather than resisting it. Bringing water through […]

The Benefits of Resin Bound Driveways

When it comes to planning or installing your new driveway, you’re likely going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to what kind of surface you want. UK Surfacings Ltd have created this guide to resin bound driveways to help you make a decision on your new surface. Resin bound driveways are an extremely […]

How to Lay Paving Slabs on an Existing Concrete Base

Laying paving slabs requires significant planning and care, but when those slabs are to be laid on a concrete surface, different steps need to be taken in order to ensure a safe, effective and long-lasting result. In this article, UK Surfacings Ltd are going to show you how to lay paving slabs onto a concrete […]

The Different Colours of Resin Driveways

Resin driveways are immensely popular, and for a number of reasons. They’re resilient, they’re permeable and they’re very low maintenance when compared to other driveway surfaces. One of the main attractions of resin driveways, though, is the sheer range of colours available – there’s a spectrum of shades at your disposal, meaning you can be […]

Five Pothole Repair Methods

Potholes are the scourge of road users. Difficult to see but very apparent if you run over them, they’re annoying at best and the cause of accidents and costly repairs at worst. In this article, the team at UK Surfacings are going to look at the five most effective ways of repairing potholes and keeping […]

How Much Do Resin-Bound Driveways Cost?

Resin-bound driveways are very popular with homeowners around the world, and the popularity of the surface is only increasing as more people become aware of the benefits of a resin-bound driveway and the ways it can enhance a property. However, a driveway is a significant addition to any home, and as such, it’s helpful to […]

Solutions For A Steep Driveway

If your house is built on a slope, then you may be presented with the problem of a steep driveway. Steep driveways require specific solutions, from the type of surfacing to ensuring the drainage is appropriate for dealing with potential water run-off, and in this article, UK Surfacings are going to look at solutions for […]

How To Fix Potholes ?

Potholes are the scourge of drivers, with their capacity to damage wheels, tires, steering and suspension. Councils and local authorities are often lobbied to deal with potholes and poor road surfaces, but how are potholes repaired and which method is best? The team at UK Surfacings are on hand to explain it all.  What are […]

Is Your Playground Surface Safe for Children?

While there is no legal requirement for a playground to have protective surfacing, it is recommended by a variety of safety organisations, including RoSPA, CAPT, BSI, and NPFA. Anything that can help improve the safety of a playground for children is not to be dismissed, and in this article, we’re going to run through the […]