Resin driveways vs block paving

If you’re planning to resurface your driveway, there are many different types of materials to consider. Two of the most popular options are resin driveways and block paving, but what’s the difference, and which one should you choose?

Here are some factors to consider in the block paving vs resin-bound driveways debate.

What is a resin driveway?

A resin-bound driveway is made from a blend of aggregates, coated in a polyurethane resin to form a firm surface suitable for this type of application. While it’s strong enough to support the needs of a driveway, it remains permeable to water for good drainage, combining attractive aesthetics with durable benefits. It’s also possible to lay resin driveways over an existing surface like concrete, so installation is often simpler and less costly than other driveway materials like block paving.

What are the benefits of resin-bound driveways?

The benefits of resin-bound driveways are endless, striking a balance between many of the advantages of other driveway materials. It’s a long-lasting option, environmentally friendly and has good rainwater drainage while coming in different colours for an attractive finish.

Its easy maintenance demands appeal to both homeowners and commercial businesses, while its smooth texture makes it highly accessible for vehicles. Many people also prefer this option over gravel, which has a similar appearance but creates more scatter with its loose stones.

What is block paving?

Block paving is one of the most decorative driveway surfaces, with each brick made from clay, concrete or other composite materials. The blocks create different patterns when laid with strong interlocking bonds. This option is often chosen for the kerb appeal it gives to a property while coming with lots of shape and colour options to create the desired effect.

What are the benefits of block paving driveways?

Compared with the uniform look of resin, block paving has lots of variety when it comes to producing unique aesthetics that enhance the appearance of your property. If installed correctly with the right sub-base, it's a highly durable driveway surface.

It's also simple to repair a block paving driveway, with elements easily replaced without the need to resurface the entire area. This means you can get your driveway back to looking as good as new with minimal fuss if any of the blocks become damaged.

Which driveway material should you choose?

The right driveway surface for your property will come down to your needs and wants. Some people will go with how they want their driveway to look, whereas other property owners will make a more practical decision based on maintenance requirements or the driveway resurfacing costs involved. Whatever you choose, ensure you have an expert surfacing company on board.

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