5 reasons to resurface local roads

We all know how important it is to have roads in good working condition. Unsafe road surfaces can cause dangerous driving conditions and vehicle damage, so it’s vital we keep them in tip-top shape. Road repair companies are often in high demand due to the sheer number of problems our roads experience throughout the year.

Here are some of the top reasons your local roads need resurfacing.


Potholes are one of the biggest nuisances for UK drivers, especially at this time of year when heavy rainfall means local roads take a bashing when groundwater expands on the surface. If pothole repairs aren’t completed, it can damage car tyres, force vehicles to swerve onto the wrong side of the road and cause stressful driving conditions. To fix pothole damage, resurfacing teams will need to secure the section of the road and remove debris from the hole. New tarmac can then be laid and set.

Uneven road surfaces

There are many ways local roads can become uneven to drive across, such as poor workmanship, vehicle accidents, tree roots and extreme weather. Heavier vehicles such as HGVs may also be using the road, causing surfaces to degrade faster if the road isn’t regularly maintained. Uneven road surfaces are one of the causes of drivers losing control, causing accidents, so it’s important to get them fixed asap.

Roadwork damage

Roadworks can often cause surface damage to roads, especially when it comes to invasive work like gas, electric, water or telecommunication projects. After completion, a road repair service is usually necessary, ensuring surfaces are reinstated to a high standard. If you think your local road hasn’t been repaired properly after the works have finished, you should report it to the council or company that performed the utilities project.

Resident requests

Road resurfacing requirements are decided by various means. Main roads are sometimes prioritised due to their high use and importance in local infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean smaller roads should take a backseat. Reports from residents, community groups and parish councils are also taken into consideration when scheduling resurfacing projects. Therefore, it’s important to report a problem if you think one of your local roads needs resurfacing.

Road maintenance needs

Resurfacing roads is actually an essential part of good highway maintenance. It improves the condition of the road surface while helping to prevent future issues, which can prove more costly. For example, a road that’s regularly maintained and resurfaced won’t face as many potholes. Therefore, make sure your local road isn’t missed by highways maintenance teams.

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