How do you know if there’s a safe foundation when resurfacing?

Whether it’s laying a new patio or resurfacing a driveway, making sure any foundations are strong and secure is essential for a successful project. The weight of the surface material must be supported, as well as the traffic that will move across the space, whether it’s vehicles or footfall.

So how do you know if there’s a safe foundation when resurfacing an outdoor area? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why plan groundworks?

Planning groundworks is one of the most important considerations for many resurfacing projects, such as laying new driveways or building a car park. They help prepare sub-surfaces for any form of construction while investigating the existing space for risks and issues that may prevent the new surface from being safe.

Essentially, groundworks are the key to ensuring a new surface is built upon a solid foundation. The aim is to create a strong, smooth, even layer that can safely withstand the pressure it will face once laid. If not, the materials can start to degrade and crack after a short while.

How do site surveys assess the existing surface & space?

A ground investigation will often determine how safe the existing foundations are. Sometimes, resurfacing can be completed without needing extensive groundworks, simply laying the new material on top of the surface already in place. For example, a new driveway is often laid over the top of the existing one if it’s based on solid ground.

However, if it’s a brand new surface being laid, more extensive checks will be undertaken. Aspects looked at during a site survey may include a soil analysis so that secure and supportive foundations can be planned.

Some of the most common foundations chosen for building works are strip, raft and pile foundations, depending on the type of project and support required. Other necessary groundworks can include site clearances (e.g. topsoil), levelling the surface and ground stabilisation.

Choose a trusted surfacing contractor

When choosing a surfacing contractor, always hire a company with extensive experience, including groundworks expertise. This ensures that any new surfaces are laid on a solid foundation, understanding how far to dig during the excavation process and how to prepare any sub surfaces before building work commences.

They’ll also have access to high-quality materials for the new surface, appropriate for the intended application to ensure strong, stable and durable results. The outcomes should not only look good but last a long time too while providing adequate rainwater drainage.

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