The best uses for tarmac

Tarmac is one of the most popular surfacing materials in the UK, chosen for a variety of domestic and commercial applications.

Long established in the industry for its durability, tarmac is selected for its highly functional benefits and cost effectiveness, suiting a range of budgets. It can survive heavyweight usage too, which is why it’s picked for surfaces where vehicles will be in use.

To gain a better insight into how this strong, durable material is applied, here are some of the best uses for tarmac, from driveways to roads.

Residential driveways

When surfacing a new driveway, a material must be chosen not only for how it looks but its ability to withstand constant use, especially when vehicles drive across the space.

A tarmac driveway is one of the most popular choices for this type of application, thanks to its durability, so it’s easy to maintain and repair should it need an uplift. It also comes in a range of colours for aesthetical appeal.

Homeowners often choose this option if resurfacing their driveway as it can be laid over the existing area, resulting in an easy installation process to reduce project costs.


Our roads are one of the most important means of getting from A to B in the UK, needing a smooth surface for a comfortable, safe journey while protecting vehicle wheels from damage.

Unfortunately, the high volume of traffic on the roads results in surfaces degrading faster, so there needs to be a suitable option in place for reducing issues such as potholes and restoring uneven ground.

Tarmac is used by surfacing contractors to improve the quality and safety of our roads, whether laying a new surface or improving an existing one.

Commercial surfacing projects

From driveways to parking bays, tarmac surfaces have lots of uses when it comes to commercial projects. It’s a fantastic option for resurfacing over an existing space to improve its aesthetic appeal, practicality and safety, creating a smooth surface.

Tarmac is chosen for applications such as surfacing public car parks, airport runways and the driveways of business properties, enhancing the kerb appeal of any commercial buildings nearby.


Playgrounds are the perfect place for children to run around and play, as long as the surface remains even, flat and safe.

Unfortunately, as materials deteriorate over time, it can lead to uneven ground and holes in the area, creating trip hazards and increasing the chances of accidents occurring.

Tarmac is one of the options chosen for improving playground surfaces, transforming tired and dull spaces to create a safe and reliable surface for children to play on.

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