How to prepare surfaces for commercial construction projects

Domestic resurfacing jobs, such as laying new paving for patios, are often straightforward, while commercial projects can be more complex. They sometimes involve in-depth groundworks completed by surfacing experts who will ensure sub-surfaces are ready for the building work to commence.

Here’s our guide for how surfaces are prepared for commercial construction projects.

What are groundworks?

The term ‘groundworks’ refers to the preparation stage of the construction process, ensuring surfaces are ready for building work to begin. It will involve several stages, including ground investigations, site clearances and stabilisation.

Specialist groundwork services should be completed by a professional contractor. Typical projects include groundworks for car parks, property extensions and walls.

What happens during site surveys?

During a site survey, the ground and surface will be investigated to identify potential issues, confirm its past use and check its suitability for the intended construction work. This includes assessing soil conditions, safe foundations and land contamination problems.

A contractor will outline the results and help implement the best design for the new structure. Many issues can be rectified during the ground investigation stage, ensuring construction work won’t face unnecessary delays further on in the build.

Why site and surface preparation works are important

Good surface preparation is the key to a successful construction project. Usually, a site will need clearing with topsoil taken up and ground levelling completed. Clearing the site allows for other remedial treatments to take place, including any demolition works and removal of surplus materials.

Surface preparation may include working on the substructure, such as excavations, foundation surfacing and retaining walls. The aim of this stage is to ensure substructures will transfer the building load to the ground. Ground stabilisation methods may also be required before construction work takes place, modifying its strength, rigidity and permeability.

Resurfacing commercial sites

The final stage is the landscaping phase, which may involve earthworks, removing or placing the topsoil and other excavated materials. The area is scraped and graded to prepare the site for remodelling before the next surface is laid for projects like new roads and car parks.

Once the new surface is in place, such as asphalt or concrete, a surfacing contractor may also be able to provide additional services to ensure the area can be used as intended. This includes laying thermoplastic road markings, which are requested for projects such as car park delineation and road markings.

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