Easy guide to pothole repair services

Potholes are a huge issue for UK drivers, with the RAC recently reporting that the problem is still on the rise. The cold weather and heavy rainfall at this time of year create perfect conditions for potholes to crop up when groundwater expands and contracts on surfaces, often splitting existing cracks on the road.

Potholes are a menace, causing vehicles to swerve, diverting drivers’ attention and damaging tyres. Repairing these annoying holes in the road as soon as possible is a must to help vehicles avoid damage and keep drivers safe.

Here’s a guide to pothole repair services and what they entail.

How are potholes repaired?

When potholes are repaired, the aim is to ensure a long-lasting, quality solution, especially when so many heavy vehicles will continue to use the stretch of road. Much like preparing surfaces for construction projects, work will be necessary to get the road ready for the job, including a site survey to decide on the best course of action. A qualified technician will need to inspect each pothole and the extent of the road damage, including how deep the hole is.

During the pothole repair, a small section of the road is cut out around the hole. The old material, including any debris in the pothole, will need removing before the new tarmac is laid, filling the gap as evenly as possible. Wacker plates are often used to compact the tarmac, and then the surface is sometimes cooled manually to allow faster setting times.

How quickly can potholes be fixed?

How long a pothole repair service takes will depend on the job. Usually, a pothole will take just minutes to fix, but the surfacing team may need time to secure the site. To make the necessary repairs, some roads require a total closure to ensure crews are kept safe during the process.

Roads with lots of pothole issues may need larger patches resurfacing. This is often the case if the road is deemed to be in poor condition, and work is required to make it safer and more useable for drivers.

Where to find pothole repair contractors

You should always assess your premises for any surface damage that may need repairing, especially on driveways. Commercial properties with car parks and long drives (like hotels) may need professional assessments if you want to keep your grounds looking presentable and ensure vehicles have good access to your establishment.

As a business, you have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of anyone using your property, from staff and contractors to visitors and customers. Potholes are at risk of becoming a dangerous hazard if left unfixed.

To ensure you get the best outcomes, look for a trusted resurfacing company with specialist pothole repair services. They'll assess your site and recommend the best ways to get your surfaces looking as good as new.

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