Can you repair a damaged patio?

A well-maintained patio instantly improves the look of your outdoor spaces and garden while having practical benefits too. If your existing patio is damaged (such as cracked and broken paving slabs), it can bring down the look of the entire space while leading to other issues arising. This can happen for a number of reasons, including poor installation, ground movement, surface damage and natural degradation of the patio materials.

But should you install a new patio, resurface or conduct repairs? It can be frustrating when a beautiful patio is damaged, cracks form, or mortar loosens between slabs. However, it’s often possible to fix the damage without having to replace the entire patio if you get a resurfacing expert on board to assess.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you save broken paving slabs?

Have you spotted damage to your patio paving? Depending on how the patio was laid, it can lead to problems such as trip hazards, increased weed and moss growth and extended cracks. Ask a resurfacing team to confirm whether individual paving slabs can be replaced or not.

Insignificant cracking can often be repaired or replaced with a new slab, but if the damage is widespread, a modern new patio is often the most cost-effective and straightforward option.

How do you repair a damaged concrete patio?

The best way to repair a patio will depend on the type and extent of the damage. Solutions include sealing small cracks with new concrete, replacing individual slabs and repointing patio tiles by reinforcing missing or loose mortar.

If you have sinking stones or an uneven surface, this can sometimes be rectified by carefully removing some of the existing slabs and performing groundworks to bring the surface up to the same level.

Is it possible to lay over an existing patio?

If your patio is worn or dated, it may be possible to lay over the existing patio, depending on the material, its height in relation to surrounding spaces and surface stability. This should be assessed by a resurfacing company that can recommend the best solution, whether this means removing your old patio or laying over the existing space.

Options include laying attractive pavers, resurfacing concrete slabs for a smoother finish or choosing a suitable material for the job, such as stone or resin.

Should you repair or replace an old patio?

Choosing whether to repair or replace your patio will come down to a number of factors. This includes how many slabs are damaged or cracked, how discoloured or stained the patio is and the overall look you want for the area. Many people feel it's time for an upgrade, especially if they're experiencing ongoing patio issues.

If you've decided to replace, there are lots of patio paving options to choose between. This includes clay or concrete block paving and Indian sandstone, offering various colours, shapes and natural stone designs.

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