The Different Colours of Resin Driveways

Resin driveways are immensely popular, and for a number of reasons. They’re resilient, they’re permeable and they’re very low maintenance when compared to other driveway surfaces. One of the main attractions of resin driveways, though, is the sheer range of colours available – there’s a spectrum of shades at your disposal, meaning you can be truly creative with your driveway. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best colours for resin driveways.


One of the lighter shades of resin, the Amalfi colourway is ideal for homeowners who’d like a sandy-looking driveway. The lighter shade of resin works perfectly with any type of property, too; whether your home is of a light or dark colour, whether the driveway is bordered by grass, trees or paving, the Amalfi resin provides a wonderful complement to the surroundings.


Anthracite resin bound gravel

For a darker look, anthracite is perfect. It provides the hardiness and low maintenance nature of resin with the dark, smooth look of tarmac, making it particularly suitable for modern properties. The anthracite colourway includes brown, amber and white stones amongst the darker ones, and these little flecks of colour make for an interesting, attractive look.

Ireland Green

ireland Green

A beautiful selection of colours are included in the Ireland Green product. A combination of dark, white, tan and green stones deliver a truly unique colour scheme that makes any driveway stand out. The addition of green is a rare one in resin driveways, and it really combines well with any grass, vegetation or soft landscaping that may be in situ at the front of the property.

Porto Fino

Porto Fino

A Mediterranean theme emanates from the Porto Fino resin. Reds and greens give off a lovely hue from a distance, and upon closer inspection the rich colours are clear to see. For brilliant kerb appeal and resin driveway that suits traditional or modern properties, look no further than the Porto Fino colourway.

Slate Grey

Grey Slate

This resin bound surface is actually made up of various types of grey, all combining to make a smoky-looking driveway with hints of silvery-white adding a bit of extra character and definition.

These are a few choice resin aggregate colours available from The Resin Mill, UK Surfacings’ trusted supplier for all of our resin-bound driveway installations. They have a huge range of colours in stock, from deep reds to brighter beiges, and our partnership means that when you come to UK Surfacings for your new resin-bound driveway, you’ll benefit from the highest quality resin and the highest quality service.

UK Surfacings Ltd are experts in the installation of beautiful resin bound driveways for properties across London and Reigate. If you’d like to know more about the work we do, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.