How to Maintain Your Block Paving Driveway

A very popular driveway surface all around the world, block paving can be the perfect addition to your property in both style and durability. However, like all surfaces, they need to be maintained and looked after over the years, to maximise their potential and keep them looking fresh for as long as possible.

Washing a block paving driveway


Weeds can be very pesky and unsightly, and if left unchecked, they can start to become an overwhelming presence on your driveway. They can grow in the gaps between the paving blocks, which can, in time, leave your paving blocks vulnerable to movement. They can be pulled out or killed with a weeding spray or product, which is available in all DIY stores. Apply the weed killer periodically for best results.

Jet Washing

Jet washing is very useful for removing loose dirt and stones from your block paving drive, but there is a caveat that you should angle the jet washer at 45 degrees, so as to avoid dislodging the sand between the blocks.

Block Paving Cleaners

To freshen up the surface of your block paving, you don’t need any specialist cleaning equipment – just good, old fashioned soap and water. Using dishwashing liquid and warm water will do the trick, but check the label of the cleaning product you’re using to ensure it is suitable for use on things like limestone and marble.


Before employing the soap and water technique, give your driveway the once-over with a dry brush. This will help remove loose dirt without turning it into mud, making it much easier for the jet washer or the soapy water to work its magic.

Oil Stains

Unfortunately, oil stains can occur if your driveway is used to park cars on, and they can also be quite unsightly. If you discover oil stains on your driveway, then it is important that you obtain a specialist oil remover product to ensure the best possible results. For light stains, neat washing up liquid, scrubbed thoroughly and then rinsed with hot water may do the trick, but for stubborn stains, you need a specialist product.

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