How Much Do Resin-Bound Driveways Cost?

Resin-bound driveways are very popular with homeowners around the world, and the popularity of the surface is only increasing as more people become aware of the benefits of a resin-bound driveway and the ways it can enhance a property. However, a driveway is a significant addition to any home, and as such, it’s helpful to know how much you’re likely to pay for your new surface. So, in this article, the team at UK Surfacings are going to look at how much resin driveways cost and what you get for your money.

resin driveway

The Cost of Resin-Bound Driveways

Generally speaking, resin driveways tend to cost around £50-£75 per square metre. However, there’s no certain cost for a resin driveway, and there are a number of factors that can influence how much your new drive will set you back.


The size and scope of your driveway is one of the biggest influences on how much the work will cost. A simple, ‘normal’-sized driveway will cost less than a twisting, turning driveway for a country house, for example. The cost per metre for a larger driveway might actually be less, but the overall cost of the project will be higher; bigger and longer driveways need more material, more labour and more time.

Base work

Depending on the material of your existing driveway, more preparation will be required; stone driveways, for example, will need to be completely excavated before a compacted base is installed in preparation for the resin.

If the resin driveway installation doesn’t require any base work, then the cost of the project will be lower. However, some projects may require the surfacing engineers to lay a new base, level out an existing one or carry out additional prep work to ensure the base is safe to work on. These tasks will add to the cost of the project.

Resin Colour

One of the benefits of resin is that it comes in a variety of beautiful colours. Your choice of colours, though, may impact how much you pay for your driveway. Some colours are harder to source than others, which leads to higher costs for the surfacing company, which in turn may increase the cost to the customer.


Edging is the ‘trim’ of the driveway. Your site may already have edging present, such as a wall. If the installation company needs to create and install the edging themselves, though, this requires extra labour and materials, and may therefore incur additional expense.

The Benefits of Resin Driveways


Resin-bound driveways look beautiful with almost any type of property. From a new-build home to a listed property in the countryside, the sleek, subtle look of a resin driveway complements the surrounding area, rather than distracting from it.

Colours and Design

Resin is available in a range of colours, too, so you won’t be short of options when it comes to choosing a surface that best suits your tastes and your property. With such a wide range available, you can get really creative with the look of your surface – using the spectrum of colours to create unique patterns and designs that stand out from the rest.


Resin-bound driveways are famed for their resilience. They’ll last for years on end, so you needn’t worry about repairs or replacements once your new driveway is installed. Whether you’re parking a small hatchback or two 4x4s on your resin driveway, you’ll have no complaints from the surface.

Low Maintenance

The durability of resin-bound driveways is supported by a low-maintenance nature. They’re easy to clean – a simple jet wash will suffice – and they’re highly resistant to things like weeds, which can be the scourge of other forms of driveway.

As you can see, there are a number of variables that can impact the cost of your driveway. More complex projects, of course, will require a little more expenditure, but for the money you spend, you can be sure you’re getting a beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance surface that provides plenty of value for money.

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