Common Resin Bound Driveway Problems And Their Solutions

Resin drive problems, though not very common, can be difficult to remedy when they do occur. Any issues — however small — can compromise the overall aesthetic of your driveway. This article is going to explore some of the most common problems found in resin driveways and discuss the best available solutions.

What is a resin bound driveway?

A resin bound driveway consists of aggregates — primarily an assortment of stones — that are combined with resin to form a surface layer. Resin is an adhesive substance; it binds the aggregates together. The combination of small aggregates and resin, along with a professionally installed, even layout, creates a driveway with a smooth yet textured aesthetic. Resin bound driveways are often favoured for this unique look, in addition to their reputation for being extremely durable.


There are a couple of reasons why cracks may appear in your resin driveway surface. The first occurs primarily in winter. After bouts of heavy snow, some people will choose to shovel their driveway using a metal shovel. Though this is effective at shifting the snow, the repetitive hits of the shovel on the driveway will slowly chip away at the surface and eventually lead to the formation of cracks. To avoid this issue, we recommend using an alternative solution, such as a plastic shovel.

The second reason for cracks forming boils down to poor initial workmanship.

On a resin bound driveway the resin and the stones which bond together need to work with one another to make a strong, attractive surface. It is important that both the resin and stones are equally portioned, as a disproportionate amount of each can lead to imbalances that cause cracks.

If the cracks aren’t filled quickly, weeds can begin to sprout from within. The continued growth and expansion of these weeds can wreak havoc on your driveway by exacerbating the cracks.

The best way to avoid this issue is to ensure your driveway is installed by a reputable business known for their quality work.

Loose stones

Loose stones are only a common issue when the initial workmanship on your driveway is poor. Certain patches of stones may become loose if the resin hasn’t been correctly applied and set or the stones haven’t been properly mixed. Overtime, these loose stones will migrate from the surface and leave your once-gorgeous driveway now ugly and patchy.

To remedy the issue, more resin and stones can be applied to the area. However, you must ensure that the stones or aggregates you choose exactly match the rest of your driveway, or else the resulting aesthetic will look disjointed.

Here at UK Surfacings, we understand how important attention to detail can be for a driveway surface. Our team of experts work meticulously to ensure that every single part of your driveway has been laid and installed perfectly. It is this dedication our craft, coupled with the fantastic results it brings, that gives UK Surfacings their stellar reputation in London. To enquire about our resin bound driveways, or for more information about any of the extensive range of products and surfaces we offer, give our friendly team a call today.