Best Front Driveway Ideas

More and more homeowners are choosing to revamp their front driveway with a variety of modern and unorthodox designs. This is largely because front driveways are being recognised less as a cheap surface for your car to trample over and more as an aesthetic compliment to the rest of your home. Driveways are usually the first thing someone will see when approaching your home, and so an ugly driveway can instantly create a bad first impression. At UK Surfacings LTD, we believe having a beautiful driveway is the first step to a beautiful home, and so we’ve created this article to inspire our readers with design ideas for a unique, modern driveway.


Different surfaces offer vastly different effects when it comes to driveways. Concrete driveways are often thought of to be quite boring and plain, but concrete can actually be poured into almost any shape. This means you can alter your rectangular driveway to feature crisp, sharp edges, or alternatively, you could transform it into a winding curve. In addition, the versatility of concrete means that you can imprint multiple designs and colours on your driveway. You can create geometric patterns or concentric circles that will provide a unique contrast to regular, unpatterned concrete. In addition, the versatility of concrete means you could even construct a colourful border around your front drive. This will not only highlight the perimeter of your driveway but also make it pop.


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish driveway. One idea we recommend is to minimise your driveway by stripping back the surface and leaving two simple tracks of gravel, surrounded by grass and beautiful greenery. This leaves space for your car to travel over but keeps the focus on the natural aesthetic of your garden. What is great about this design is that it remains modern and unique simply by the sheer lack of surface used.

Small homes

On the flip side, you may only have a small area but want to utilise the space. If this is the case, one idea is filling your entire front space with gravel or pebbles. Using gravel or pebbles creates a borderless, flowing driveway, which will create a much larger seeming space than before. To make your gravel or pebble drive even more unique, try using multi-coloured stones. The various colourful stones will brighten up your drive and give it a unique, colourful look.


To really make a statement, how about installing a little technology on your front driveway? The turntable driveway is a circular disk that mechanically turns your car around so that you can easily pull in and out of the driveway without needing to make narrow manoeuvres. This little innovation is great for those with tight driveways that can afford a little something extra. Not only is it practical, but the contrasting disc to the rest of the driveway will stand out and provide you with a highly modern aesthetic.

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