Is This the World’s Most Expensive Car Park?

It’s highly likely that every motorist in the UK has complained about the price of parking at least once in their driving lives. However, for those who are in the market for purchasing an entire car park there are higher prices to contend with, but a property for sale in London has taken these prices to eye-watering levels.

The price tag that is given for this car park conjures images of a sprawling space with room for hundreds of cars, but actually the opposite is true. This car park, situated in London and a short distance from the Saudi Embassy, has just enough room for eight cars. The price is a staggering £2.25 million, and for that you get total ownership of the car park with a 900 year lease. It is well known that property prices in London are high and ever-increasing, but even by the capital’s standards this is quite a sizeable price tag.

The cost attached to this space is so large that it could even be liable for mansion tax, perhaps because for this money you could buy a mansion in other areas of the country. In Scotland, the 25-bedroom Dornoch Castle Hotel could be yours for the same price as these eight parking spaces, or an eight bedroom house in Manchester’s plush Didsbury suburb.

London has been known to be home to some extravagantly priced properties – a tiny, run down garage in Stoke Newington was listed for £360,000 last year, as well as a lavish apartment listed for £60,000 per week – but this small car park is certainly only on the radar of the super-rich. Ashley Coleman of Carter Jonas Mayfair, the agency who have listed the property said: “Collective parking space in Mayfair is a rare commodity and this opportunity to purchase a forecourt of eight is most unique. I believe it is very likely to appeal to a wealthy resident looking for a good home for their luxury fleet of vehicles.” Thanks to the massive wealth of some of London’s residents, this car park will probably not be on the market for long, and it will surely be filled with vehicles of equally large price tags!

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