The Importance of Keeping your Car Park Well Maintained

hero-car-park-repairsYour car park is often the first thing your clients, staff and visitors will see when they arrive at your business premises. So whether you own or manage a commercial or industrial environment, it is important that you make a professional first impression, meaning your car park should always be well maintained and completely clean and tidy.

There are many obvious practical benefits to keeping your car park maintained, including:
#1 Keep the exterior of your premises looking smart

Whether you are responsible for a large multi-storey car park in the middle of a city centre, or a small office car park specifically built for employees, it is vital that you keep it well maintained and aesthetically appealing.

A damaged, untidy car park will completely downgrade the overall appearance of your premises, making it seem unprofessional and rundown. A well-kept car park, on the other hand, will enhance the exterior of your premises, increasing its visual appeal and impressive demeanour.
#2 Reduce the chances of damage to vehicles

Poorly maintained car parks can usually be identified by the prevalence of pot holes, uneven road surfaces, broken down pavements, loose debris and badly distinguished car park spaces, all of which can cause significant damage to vehicles. Common vehicle ailments caused by rundown car parks include damage to the suspension, scratched bumpers and damaged wheels, and the fact that these can all be avoided with some simple maintenance work can be incredibly frustrating for victims of such damage, causing them to purposefully avoid using your car park in future.

Undertaking regular car park maintenance will greatly reduce the chances of visiting vehicles being damaged during their stay, enhancing the reputation of your car park and, as a result, the rest of your premises.
#3 Make people feel more welcome
If you are arriving at a commercial property and find yourself pulling up to somewhere visually unappealing, untidy and generally rundown, your first impression is not going to be particularly positive. Not only will it make you doubt the safety of your vehicle and its contents, it can also cause you to doubt the professionalism and reliability of the premises you are visiting (either as a client, guest or employee).

A well maintained car park, on the other hand, helps to make people feel more welcome upon arrival and grants your premises a competent, trustworthy appearance.
#4 Ensure a safe environment for visitors

Not only can a poorly maintained car park cause damage to vehicles, it can also cause injury to visitors. Uneven road surfaces can prove incredibly difficult to walk across safely, especially for young children, older people or people with disabilities.

As a business premises, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of visiting customers, guests and employees, and any injury they receive as a result of a badly maintained environment can result in unwanted, and highly costly, legal procedures for your company.
How can UK Surfacings help?

Here at UK Surfacings we are the specialists at all types of resurfacing projects and, as such, offer comprehensive car park maintenance and refurbishment. We can repair damaged car parks, resurface uneven ground and improve the layout and structure of your car park.

Whether you are a large or small commercial company, our service can be tailored to your unique specifications, and we can create a car park that’s designed for your individual purposes and the people who actually use it. We conduct groundwork, surfacing and thermo-plastic lining projects and utilise a huge range of materials, including concrete, SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) and Binder & Surface Courses to ensure that you receive your desired result.

So whether you would like a complete car park refurbishment, or would like to arrange general car park maintenance, get in touch with the professionals at UK Surfacings today for superior standard results at cost-effective prices!