How to Choose Indian Sandstone Colour for your Domestic Project

As consumers begin to move away from classic wood and stone, Indian sandstone paving has become an increasingly popular choice for UK gardens and patios. In addition to being highly durable, Indian sandstone is a relatively cheap option and can be customised in a huge variety and colours and patterns, providing you with the tools to create a customised garden patio tailored to your own personal style. For many, however, the sheer amount of colour options at their disposal can be overwhelming. This article is going to guide you into the collosal world of Indian sandstone colour and help you decide on your perfect design.

Kandla Grey

Different colours of Indian sandstone offer different feels that can work in some instances and not in others. Kandla Grey, for example, works beautifully well when complimented with other neutral colours such as white garden furniture. The light and dark grey medley gives a contemporary feel that would look out of place in a rural garden.

You should also consider that lighter colours are going to be harder to keep clean. If you have children or pets who are often dirty then this may not be the best colour to choose.

Raj Green

Raj green is the most popular colour of Indian sandstone – and for good reason. The blend of earthy greens and browns complements the beauty of a natural, grassy garden. Raj Green is very versatile and works well with a wide range of colours and designs.

Mint Fossil

The blend of pale mint and creamy yellow tones makes mint fossil Indian sandstone a solid choice if you’re looking to have bold, contrasted areas. For example, mint fossil works well as a small back garden patio that stands out against the green grass. The contrast also works well for garden steps, helping visitors travel over the garden when they don’t want to step on the grass.


Modac is another popular choice of indian sandstone due to the colour change it exhibits as it gets wet. Starting as a blend of pink, plum and orange, Modac transforms into more earth color palette when damp. As a result, Modac is versatile and can give you different aesthetics at different times.

Light grey

A more subtle tone, such as a simple light grey, can be a good idea for when your garden already contains bold colour themes. Choosing another strong colour may clash with the existing colours, whereas a more subtle tone will still look elegant without being overkill.

At UK Surfacings LTD, we have a huge range of Indian sandstone colours to choose from. In addition, we provide surfacings for both commercial and domestic use. Whether it’s repairs to a car park, resurfacing of a playground, or sprucing up a driveway, our expert installers will construct the highest quality surfaces for you. If you wish to hear more about our services, give our friendly team a call today.