The Dangers of Rogue Tarmacing Gangs

Businesses throughout Birmingham have been the victims of threats by rogue tarmacing gangs, who are carrying out unlicensed work on driveways, sometimes without the owners’ permission, and then threatening the owners when they refused to pay.
Tarmacing gangs are often people with little or no experience in the industry, who perform sub-standard work with very little notice or even no notice at all, meaning that the victim has no chance to protest or prevent the work from happening. The work is done poorly, with low quality materials and techniques, and once it is finished, the gangs request extortionate sums of money from the owners, often making threats, as is the case with the Birmingham gangs.

Rogue traders such as the aforementioned Birmingham gang will often appear to be normal professionals, with well-maintained vans, high-visibility jackets and other features that you would expect to see from an accredited trader. However, these people are criminals and their crimes can range from overcharging for poor work to burglary. These people often target the more vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly, and as such they can often take a lot of money from unsuspecting and trusting homeowners.

If you use the services of a reputable, accredited surfacing company, you will avoid such stress and be able to enjoy a quality finished product. If the work is done to a poor standard, it won’t take long before the negative effects start to become apparent, some of which can be of serious detriment to the state of your property. You will then have to call out a reputable contractor to fix the problem, which will remedy the issue but also cost you extra money.

There are many signs that can help you spot a rogue trader:
• They may be unwilling to offer references
• They may ask for money up front – no reliable trader should do this
• They may request payment in cash
• They could be unwilling to put their quotes (which are often incredibly cheap) or any estimates in writing

Keep an eye out for these signs when approached by any tradesmen, this can help you prevent yourself falling victim to doorstep crime.
If you are in need of resurfacing work, make sure you use a reputable company. Check for accreditations, registrations and ask to see references and examples of previous work. This can enable you to spot the quality tradesmen from the rogue ones, and save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Here at UK Surfacings, we are proud to have been providing the highest quality surfacing service for over 30 years. We cater to all needs, from car park resurfacing, road repairs or driveways and pathways. Our skilled team are all fully registered and accredited so you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands. Get in touch with us today to find out more!