Solutions For A Steep Driveway

If your house is built on a slope, then you may be presented with the problem of a steep driveway. Steep driveways require specific solutions, from the type of surfacing to ensuring the drainage is appropriate for dealing with potential water run-off, and in this article, UK Surfacings are going to look at solutions for steep driveways. 

Firstly, we’ll look at the challenges that steep driveways present, starting with:

Reversing difficulties

Reversing up a slope is challenging, even more so if the conditions aren’t ideal or your vehicle isn’t in the best of shape.

Weather worries

A steep driveway is often at the mercy of the weather. If there’s heavy rain, water will stream down the driveway, which can be troublesome if the driveway slopes towards the property. If it’s icy or snowy, it can be very difficult to get up the drive, particularly for smaller or less powerful vehicles. 

Drainage issues

The slope of a driveway can present significant drainage problems for the attached property. Water will collect at the bottom of the drive, which can lead to waterlogging. Alternatively, if the drive slopes towards the property – perhaps to the garage – the water may get into the property if the rainfall is heavy enough and the drainage isn’t up to scratch. 

Unstable bases

Drainage issues can lead to problems with the strength of the driveway’s base. Soil shifting and foundations eroding can lead to serious problems if not caught early, as well as costly repairs.

Solutions for a steep driveway

Resin driveways 

Resin-bound driveways are ideal for sloped drives – resin is permeable, meaning water can naturally soak through it, and you don’t need planning permission to install a resin driveway either. Another benefit of the surface is that it’s non-slip – this makes it one of the safer surfaces too, particularly in the colder months. 

Re-grading the driveway

Making the driveway slope gently away from the house is a good way of keeping excess rainwater away from your property. Re-grading the surface is the best way to turn a steep slope into a gentle one, which will help slow the onset of water running down the driveway.


If your driveway slopes towards your house, then appropriate drainage is absolutely crucial. Channel drainage is one of the most common types of driveway drainage, able to deal with high amounts of water run-off, as well as coming with a B125 loading class, which means it can support weights of up to 1.25 tonnes. 

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