The Effect of Bad Weather on UK Roads

Statistics have shown that there are, on average, over 5,870,000 vehicle crashes per year. Of these incidents, almost a quarter of them are weather-related, with 1,312,000 (23%) of them being influenced by the conditions. Weather-related crashes are defined as accidents that occur when adverse weather is a major factor, i.e. when it is raining, when there is sleet, snow or ice on the roads or there are high winds present. High winds can blow dirt and debris into the roads, which can in turn make them more difficult to traverse. On average there are 6,250 deaths from weather related crashes annually, and 480,000 injuries. No matter whether a road is brand new or it has suffered a lot of wear and tear, each one suffers from adverse weather conditions. While those of us in the UK may be no stranger to a wet road or unpleasant weather, it’s always helpful to know what exactly these conditions can do to roads.


A far too common sight on our roads, with raindrops clattering against your windscreen, visibility can be greatly reduced. As well as affecting what we can see out of our windscreens, rainfall can have a significant impact on braking distance and traction, depending on the severity of the rain. Also, for older tyres that may have less tread, the effects of rainfall are more exaggerated. As drivers move more cautiously to combat these effects, roads can become congested.

Hot Weather

Hot weather can cause the road surface to become a bit softer, or in cases of older surfaces, cracks can appear. The effects of rainfall after a dry spell can also become exaggerated, as well as sunlight hampering visibility. The cracks that can appear in surfaces need to be repaired by a professional road surfacing company, which can create delays for motorists.


Ice can be a treacherous issue for road users and pedestrians alike. Particularly dangerous is black ice, as that is harder to spot for motorists, meaning they have less time to react and slow down, which can cause serious accidents. In 2012, the Department of Transport stated that 38 people were killed and 544 seriously injured in road accidents where snow or ice was present. Add this to the 4,584 people who were slightly injured on icy roads and it is clear how dangerous these conditions can be.

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