5 Most Popular Surfacing Options For Your Driveway

On approach to any house, we subconsciously create our first impressions based on the landscape and what we see before we even enter the property (also known as kerb side appeal).  So, with kerb side appeal proving so important in setting the scene, the perfect way to ensure your house gives the right impression could […]

Future Technology – Self Healing Concrete

As a surfacing company, we aim to always keep abreast of the latest developments in surfacing technology. By taking on board the best new materials and techniques, we are able to improve our service to our customers. New techniques can mean stronger surfaces, longer lasting results and improved function, no matter what the application. These […]

How to Apply for a Dropped Kerb

 Benefits of a Dropped Kerb There can be many benefits to the provision of a lowered kerb, depending on the need of the applicant. Private individuals may wish to improve access to their driveway, or create a driveway to their property in the first instance. Dropped kerbs can also help private companies and council comply […]

The Importance of Using Accredited Tarmac Contractors

  Too often, rogue contractors are leaving homeowners and businesses with poor quality workmanship and service. When looking for tarmacking service providers, it is important to hire a qualified and experienced contractor and licensed company. An accredited contractor delivers high quality results and reliable service. With a company such as this, you can be confident […]

The Right Way to Construct a Driveway

A driveway or an entrance that is well-maintained can add value to your home if you decide to sell your property. After all, your home’s entrance is the first thing that a visitor will notice on arrival. However, besides adding to the beauty of your home, the entrance path is also a functional aspect of […]

Making the Right Mark with Lining Works

Road markings have a very significant role to play in conveying crucial information to road users, and are also useful at communicating requirements which upright road signs may fail to. While a verge-mounted sign can sometimes get obscured or blocked from normal viewing, road marks and lining works on the road can relay a continuing […]

The Advantages of Block Paving

  A high-quality driveway or patio can instantly improve the visual appeal of your home, creating a much more striking, inviting impression from the front of your house or providing a perfect environment in which you can relax or entertain guests in the garden. However, with a huge range of surfacing options available, selecting the […]

The Importance of Groundworks

  When undertaking a construction project – whether you are laying a driveway, creating a car park or extending your home – groundworks are one of the most important considerations. Built to make the finished result as strong and secure as possible, they involve making sure the ground is smooth, even and capable of safely […]

Top Tips for Creating Unique Driveway Designs

Your driveway is often one of the most important aspects of the exterior of your property. Among the first things visitors will notice, a well-kept, attractive driveway will completely enhance the aesthetics of your home and can significantly increase its value and visual appeal. When you are planning a driveway refurbishment there are a huge […]

‘Playground Resurfacing – Keeping Your Children Safe’

  Whether for swinging, climbing or zooming down a slide, children love spending time on the playground. Their enjoyment, though, relies heavily on the playground’s condition, as damaged, poor surfacing can often lead to trips, slips and painful falls…   The Facts… In fact, statistics from RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) […]