All New Road Markings on World’s First Smart Highways

The constant stream of innovations in the automobile industry doesn’t just stop at the vehicles themselves – engineers are working tirelessly to create products and systems that can be integrated into roads and highways across the world with the aims of improving safety for all road users.

One of the more recent and prominent innovations is the creation of glow in the dark paint for road markings. Developed by Dutch company Studio Roosegaarde, the markings use sophisticated technology that allows the paint to ‘charge up’ in the day time and glow for up to ten hours at night.

The onset of these glow in the dark markings will mean that roads maintain their visibility in areas that may lack street lights or lampposts. Studio Roosegaarde are aiming to introduce their creation to the streets of India, the world’s second most populated country. India’s road safety is notoriously bad and the lack of lighting on busy roads means that they are extremely dangerous, so if successful, the new markings will hopefully help bring a new level of safety to the country’s roads.

As well as markings that glow in the dark, the experts at Studio Roosegaarde are also working on temperature-sensitive roads that alert drivers to risks such as slippery surfaces. The markings take the form of large snowflake-shaped patterns that are transparent in safe conditions, but start to glow when the road becomes icy or cold, helping drivers stay alert and take the appropriate care.

American company 3M has developed 3M Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000, which boasts of extended durability, visibility and easy application. It is designed for marking out long-lines, gore markings, channelizing lines and intersection markings, and it can be applied to all common road types that require it.

All these advancements are welcome additions to the growing effort to increase road safety by improving the condition of the roads themselves. While the automobile industry has plenty of scope for technological innovations and vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated, improvements road surfaces and surroundings are few and far between.

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