Is Your Playground Surface Safe for Children?

While there is no legal requirement for a playground to have protective surfacing, it is recommended by a variety of safety organisations, including RoSPA, CAPT, BSI, and NPFA. Anything that can help improve the safety of a playground for children is not to be dismissed, and in this article, we’re going to run through the different surfaces available for a children’s playground.


Grass is one such surface that is used in playgrounds, and it carries a few benefits, as well as some drawbacks. One of the advantages of grass is its versatility – it can be used to around climbing frames, slides and other equipment, but can also be used for sports areas. However, despite its versatility, it isn’t the most durable of surfaces – it can get torn up easily, particularly if used after a spell of heavy rain. 

Synthetic surfacing

The synthetic surfacing option has three sub-types of its own: 

Tiles: Tiles are durable and enjoy a long life span, but their installation can be complex. 

Wet-pour: An efficient, durable surface that requires expert laying to ensure an effective, safe surfacing job. It may also come with a higher cost than other synthetic surfaces. 

Layered: An efficient surface, but of the three synthetic sub-types, this one requires the most maintenance. It can also be subject to wear and tear. 

Loose-fill materials

Materials in this category include sand, bark and pea shingle. Sand, in particular, provides a soft landing and has good impact-absorbing properties, but all loose-fill materials are easy to displace, whether that’s through general usage or deliberate action. 

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