Most Common Uses Of Line Markings

Line markings can be used for many different reasons and on a wide array of surfacings. From warehouses to sports courts and playgrounds to car parks, thermoplastic line marking is a versatile and reliable marking method. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this material is so popular and what some of […]

Why unmaintained road markings are dangerous

Every day thousands of motorists take to the road to shop, work and for leisure purposes. With every journey comes the necessity to ‘read the road’ in order to find the correct lane, avoid bus lanes or adhere to rules, such as one-way systems. Only when these road markings are in poor condition do we […]

The Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Markings

The use of thermoplastic paint in road markings is becoming more commonplace due to the advantages it has over its more traditional predecessors, but what exactly are those advantages and why do they help so much? Firstly, we’ll look at what these markings are. Thermoplastic markings are made of a synthetic resin, with pre-mixed glass […]

Best Driving Roads in the UK

The best way to enjoy the hidden gems that Britain has to offer is by taking a scenic drive through the romantic villages and vast valleys. Although there are many trains available, nothing really beats a quiet drive on the back roads. You will surely see plenty of historic places along the way. To help […]

Do you Know your Road Markings?

Knowing and understanding the various road markings that adorn the country’s roads is a vital aspect of being a safe driver. By ensuring that you are familiar with these markings, you can make your driving experience much safer and less stressful. This article will look at some of the most common road markings and what […]

How to Report a Pothole

Potholes are an annoyance for motorists all over the world, often going unrepaired for a long time and causing shock to you and potentially damaging your vehicle when you unexpectedly drive over one. If you do discover a pothole, whether you see it when walking or you are unfortunate enough to discover one by accident […]

The Effect of Bad Weather on UK Roads

Statistics have shown that there are, on average, over 5,870,000 vehicle crashes per year. Of these incidents, almost a quarter of them are weather-related, with 1,312,000 (23%) of them being influenced by the conditions. Weather-related crashes are defined as accidents that occur when adverse weather is a major factor, i.e. when it is raining, when […]