Five Pothole Repair Methods

Potholes are the scourge of road users. Difficult to see but very apparent if you run over them, they’re annoying at best and the cause of accidents and costly repairs at worst. In this article, the team at UK Surfacings are going to look at the five most effective ways of repairing potholes and keeping […]

Asphalt vs Tarmac – Difference Between Asphalt And Tarmac

When it comes to surfacings and driveways, many options can look the same to the untrained eye. Even more confusingly, the same names can be used to mean different things in different parts of the world, so finding a definitive answer online can be tricky! The composition of such surfacings – for example, tarmac, bitmac […]

Why unmaintained road markings are dangerous

Every day thousands of motorists take to the road to shop, work and for leisure purposes. With every journey comes the necessity to ‘read the road’ in order to find the correct lane, avoid bus lanes or adhere to rules, such as one-way systems. Only when these road markings are in poor condition do we […]

5 Most Popular Surfacing Options For Your Driveway

On approach to any house, we subconsciously create our first impressions based on the landscape and what we see before we even enter the property (also known as kerb side appeal).  So, with kerb side appeal proving so important in setting the scene, the perfect way to ensure your house gives the right impression could […]

Future Technology – Self Healing Concrete

As a surfacing company, we aim to always keep abreast of the latest developments in surfacing technology. By taking on board the best new materials and techniques, we are able to improve our service to our customers. New techniques can mean stronger surfaces, longer lasting results and improved function, no matter what the application. These […]

The Importance of Using Accredited Tarmac Contractors

  Too often, rogue contractors are leaving homeowners and businesses with poor quality workmanship and service. When looking for tarmacking service providers, it is important to hire a qualified and experienced contractor and licensed company. An accredited contractor delivers high quality results and reliable service. With a company such as this, you can be confident […]

Making the Right Mark with Lining Works

Road markings have a very significant role to play in conveying crucial information to road users, and are also useful at communicating requirements which upright road signs may fail to. While a verge-mounted sign can sometimes get obscured or blocked from normal viewing, road marks and lining works on the road can relay a continuing […]

Choosing the Right Road Surfacing Contractor for the Job

  If you are undertaking a road surfacing project, whether you are a domestic customer or a large commercial client, it is vital you choose the best contractor for the job. However, with an extensive, and at times almost overwhelming, selection of road surfacing contractors in London and the surrounding area, choosing the right one […]