Private Toll Road has its 100,000th Vehicle

  In what is a fantastic example of intuition, hard work and determination, a businessman from Somerset has created his own private toll road to provide motorists with a through route while roadworks take place on the main road. Mike Watts decided to take action when he saw that road closures would force motorists to […]

Solar Roads Could Power an Entire Country

With the continuing technological innovations in the automobile industry such as the popularity of hybrid and electric cars rising at a considerable rate, these alternative energy methods are now making their way to other areas of the road industry, more specifically the roads themselves. However, with more and more companies seeing the benefits of adopting […]

All New Road Markings on World’s First Smart Highways

The constant stream of innovations in the automobile industry doesn’t just stop at the vehicles themselves – engineers are working tirelessly to create products and systems that can be integrated into roads and highways across the world with the aims of improving safety for all road users. One of the more recent and prominent innovations […]