Why does my patio go green?

If you have a patio, chances are you will soon be making the most of it as summer rolls around and so you will want to make sure it’s in good condition. However, a common problem with patios is that they can become discoloured and slippy due to algae, mould, mildew and moss growth. Algae, […]

Do I need planning permission for a new driveway?

Planning permission can be a complex business and if you’re unsure whether your new driveway or front garden renovations require permission, know you aren’t the only one. There are specific rules and restrictions in place related to laying a driveway and surfacing a front garden. In some situations, permission from planning authorities is required before […]

Groundworks and Foundations – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to avoid having to pay out more later it’s important that you get your groundworks and foundations right from the start. If you don’t, then you risk needing to pay for concrete to fill in extra trenches. Groundworks Though you may be happy with your initial steps, it doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

How To Build Concrete Foundations

  The term “concrete foundations” is thrown around a lot in the construction industry but many people don’t know how the foundations of a building are created. There are different sizes and types of foundations created and they are all informed by the type of structure or building which they will be supporting. These concrete […]

Is a Tarmac Drive Right for You?

  There are a number of different surfaces and techniques that you can use to improve the appearance and functionality of your driveway, each one bringing its own distinct set of benefits to homeowners across the country. Tarmacing is a very popular surfacing method and appeals to both consumers and surfacing companies alike thanks to […]

Building a Home for Under £150,000

Building a home is an enormous challenge, whether you’re an experienced property developer or a complete beginner. Building a house on a small budget is an even bigger task, one that requires meticulous spending and an ability to get the best out of both the space and money available to you.

New Build Car Park Guidelines

Designing and building a car park can never be a standardised process: a number of differing factors impact on the decisions made and direction taken with the final construction, such as location, size restrictions, estimated traffic and more. The British Parking Association, the non-profit industry body set up in 1968 to provide guidance and advice […]

The Importance of Groundworks

  When undertaking a construction project – whether you are laying a driveway, creating a car park or extending your home – groundworks are one of the most important considerations. Built to make the finished result as strong and secure as possible, they involve making sure the ground is smooth, even and capable of safely […]