Most Common Uses Of Line Markings

Line markings can be used for many different reasons and on a wide array of surfacings. From warehouses to sports courts and playgrounds to car parks, thermoplastic line marking is a versatile and reliable marking method. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this material is so popular and what some of […]

The Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Markings

The use of thermoplastic paint in road markings is becoming more commonplace due to the advantages it has over its more traditional predecessors, but what exactly are those advantages and why do they help so much? Firstly, we’ll look at what these markings are. Thermoplastic markings are made of a synthetic resin, with pre-mixed glass […]

Unusual Car Parks Around the World

Used in their millions by motorists on a daily and nightly basis, car parks are rarely the focus of architectural awards, as they prioritise functionality over aesthetic quality. However, there are several car parks that go against the grain and display unique and interesting designs, and this article will look into them. Car Silos at […]

A Run-Down of Car Park Prices at London Airports – with infographic!

  The cost of living in London is a much-discussed topic, with property prices constantly rising and tiny apartments fetching eye-watering amounts, before you even take into account what you are getting for your money. However, it is not just houses and apartments that are leaving people out of pocket; London has also been identified […]

Is This the World’s Most Expensive Car Park?

It’s highly likely that every motorist in the UK has complained about the price of parking at least once in their driving lives. However, for those who are in the market for purchasing an entire car park there are higher prices to contend with, but a property for sale in London has taken these prices […]

The Importance of Keeping your Car Park Well Maintained

  Your car park is often the first thing your clients, staff and visitors will see when they arrive at your business premises. So whether you own or manage a commercial or industrial environment, it is important that you make a professional first impression, meaning your car park should always be well maintained and completely […]