How to make your driveway and gardens accessible to the disabled

Accessibility is key for making a house welcoming and comfortable for an individual with a disability or reduced mobility. Whether you yourself, a friend or a relative experience reduced ease of movement, it is important that your home is updated to accommodate and assist the individual in everyday tasks. The initial focus may be on […]

Should I get my driveway sealed?

Driveway sealing is primarily used to ensure the longevity and maintain the appearance of your driveway. It can be used across many different driveway materials such as asphalt, tarmac and block paving. This article will describe what exactly driveway sealing is and what the benefits of sealing your driveway are.   What is driveway sealing? […]

Where was Tarmac Invented?

It is used all over the world in its millions of square miles, walked and driven on every day by billions of people. But where exactly was tarmac invented and who is responsible for such a widely used material? This article will look into the origins of tarmac and detail where it came from and […]

Steps to Tarmacing a Driveway

If your driveway is in need of a facelift, whether it has endured years of heavy usage and is now showing its age, or you simply want to retouch it so it fits with the look of your property, then tarmacing it is a highly effective and popular solution. This article will look at the […]

The Dangers of Rogue Tarmacing Gangs

Businesses throughout Birmingham have been the victims of threats by rogue tarmacing gangs, who are carrying out unlicensed work on driveways, sometimes without the owners’ permission, and then threatening the owners when they refused to pay. Tarmacing gangs are often people with little or no experience in the industry, who perform sub-standard work with very […]

Is a Tarmac Drive Right for You?

  There are a number of different surfaces and techniques that you can use to improve the appearance and functionality of your driveway, each one bringing its own distinct set of benefits to homeowners across the country. Tarmacing is a very popular surfacing method and appeals to both consumers and surfacing companies alike thanks to […]

The Importance of Using Accredited Tarmac Contractors

  Too often, rogue contractors are leaving homeowners and businesses with poor quality workmanship and service. When looking for tarmacking service providers, it is important to hire a qualified and experienced contractor and licensed company. An accredited contractor delivers high quality results and reliable service. With a company such as this, you can be confident […]