Paving and Planning Permissions

There are specific rules and restrictions related to laying a driveway on your property and surfacing a front garden. In some circumstances, permission from planning authorities is required before carrying out any works on your home. These requirements are typically in place to ensure your property is protected from various risks, including flooding. Paving a […]

How to Apply for a Dropped Kerb

 Benefits of a Dropped Kerb There can be many benefits to the provision of a lowered kerb, depending on the need of the applicant. Private individuals may wish to improve access to their driveway, or create a driveway to their property in the first instance. Dropped kerbs can also help private companies and council comply […]

The Advantages of Dropped Kerbs

If you are struggling to get on and off the roads within your area or outside of your home – whether as a motorist, a pedestrian or a wheelchair user – a dropped kerb could offer the perfect solution. Beneficial for a host of reasons, the process of pavement lowering is just one of the […]